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workshops and education

How we help to save the bees


Alex presents enjoyable and dynamic workshops to adults, introducing them to the magical world of native bees. Sessions run for approx 4 hours, and are located either at Canungra or in Tullamore Farm (at Kerry, Scenic Rim). A full fruits picnic is offered at Canungra. Book below for Canungra events. A tasting platter of fresh fruits is offered at Kerry, as well as tea/coffee. Visit for Kerry event details.

No upcoming events at the moment


kids classes

Alex provides a fun and engaging play-based learning experience to kindergarten children. Sessions take approximately 45 min - one hour, and incorporate song, imaginative play, the opportunity to get up close and personal with a safely contained stingless bee colony, and also taste stingless bee honey (subject to availability). Kindergartens with an established colony may also like to incorporate a colony split (terms and conditions apply).


Bee hive rescue

Alex provides a rescue service for inappropriately placed hives. Sometimes beehive boxes are weathered beyond repair and the colony needs to be re-boxed for their own safety. Or if you discover a colony in a fallen tree/limb, Alex can provide a rescue service to ensure the colony is re-homed safely. Call her on 0478 784 719 to discuss.  

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