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Demonstration garden

Little Bee's Secret Garden is exactly that: a secret garden for the little bees. It is stocked with all their fave flowers and there is a box hive and two log hives so you can watch these fascinating little bees at work. Open Thursday to Sunday 930am to 2pm.

Yellow Wild Flowers


Little Bee regularly runs kids and adults workshops,  as we like to share the joy of being a care-taker of native bees. We run a range of classes on topics such as bee hotels, intro to native bees, and planting a bee-friendly garden, and we love to welcome all ages. Home-school groups welcome. Please contact us for info.

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Little Bee's Secret Garden offers a range of plants, including herbs, flowers, and for the non-bee-lovers, indoor plants, rainforest plants, and living gifts. Our range is constantly changing season to season, so come and check it out in-store. Open Thursday to Sunday 930am to 2pm.

Native Bees

Little Bee's Secret Garden houses Tetragonula carbonaria, and Austroplebeia australis, both social, stingless native Australian bees. They are approximately 4mm long, non-allergenic, and stingless, which makes them safe and delightful to watch. Come and say hi to our little ones. Open Thursday to Sunday 930am to 2pm.