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Log hives generally are rescues, and as such, stocks are limited. Little Bee & Me will never remove a log colony from it's natural habitat unless the log is damaged irreparably, and must be moved and repaired in order to save the colony. Irreparable damage usually comes about in the form of land clearing or storm damage. Log hives, when available, are sold only on the proviso that the colony is not removed from their log as long as the log is secure enough to house the colony safely. We do not advocate taking the colony from the log to put in a box. Therefore log hives are sold as a garden feature only: log hives cannot have their honey harvested or the colony split. However, if you are keen to have a spectacualr garden feature, with a delightful colony of native stingless bees to watch as they come and go on their foraging adventures, a log hive may be for you. Call for availability.    

Log hive