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To bee on or not to bee on?

Today the rain has continued to soak Canungra. The skies are grey and the mountains are shrouded in clouds. I'm not convinced this is Summer. Where are the hot days? The deep blue cloudless skies? At any rate it made me glad to have postponed yesterday's inaugural native bee picnic. The image I had in my head would have been trodden into the sodden muddy ground. A picnic should have blue skies, summer fruits, a glass of cold something, blankets spread on the soft grass, and flowers around. And that's exactly what I have planned for the re-scheduled NATIVE BEE'S PICNIC. I'll take what I do best, which is talk with great enthusiasm and excitement (it's impossible not to become enthralled) (and lots of laughs) about native bees, and the visitors will do what they do best: picnic, snack on fresh (bee-pollinated) summer fruits (think watermelon, berries, apples.... ), enjoy the sunshine, and get totally and utterly addicted to native bees. Pick your best day (three dates to choose from...but more upcoming) and purchase your ticket now. I CAN'T WAIT to meet you!

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