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A re-introduction and update

Hi friends. It's been a few years now. The work-life balance has taken it's toll and the mojo has slowly been lost in the day-to-day grind, of running a business alone, raising kids as a single mum, and of course the toll of the last few years is undeniable for us all. However 2022 is nearly upon us and it's time to give you an update on where Little Bee's is at. A blog is something I toyed with a few years ago, but never made the time for. You'll see all the other posts are very dated. But the time of digital engagement is upon us, the Scenic Rim has just been named as one of the globe's top ten places to visit (so exciting, thanks Lonely Planet!), and I want to connect with you all on another level, so here I am: back on the blog. I'm working on polishing this website to offe

r you easy to access info and content. Little Bee's Secret Garden is (and always will be) a work in progress, and it has changed dramatically over the past 12 months. So if you haven't been for a while, please feel free to pop in. I understand my opening hours have diminished this year as I had to take on work outside of Little Bee's in order to pay the bills (thanks COVID and the lockdowns and the border closures and all the other stuff). I'm going to make you a promise to return to four days a week (Thursday to Sunday) so that you're not faced with a closed gate when you visit *sad face. Keep safe and happy, and bee kind (because we all need a bit of extra kindness right now). I'll be back soon. Love, alex

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