Frequently asked questions

Where is Little Bee's Secret Garden?

Well, that would take all the fun out of the adventure, wouldn't it? So this is what we'll do: we will give you some clues, you can then piece together some ideas of where it might be, and then you go for a drive, or a wander, and see what you stumble across. And if today isn't the day you find Little Bee's Secret Garden, well you just might stumble upon another undiscovered gem in "the great South East" (hint: there's a clue), which might lead you on another adventure altogether. And isn't that what living is all about?

Can all of your online products be posted?

Not all. We like to show what is available in our shop, so all of our products should be visible on this site. However, due to some logistical issues, and regulations on posting certain items, there will be some items that are not deliverable by mail. It should be specified under the item description, but if you require clarification, please contact us directly.

Is it safe to come to Little Bee's Secret Garden if I'm allergic to honeybees?

Litttle Bee's Secret Garden is designed primarily to share knowledge of Australia's native bees, not the European honey bee. Of the approximately 2000 species of Australian native bee, some of them sting and some do not. The box hive we have at the garden houses a colony of Tetragonula Carbonaria and the log hive house Austroplebeia Australis. These are both a social, stingless, and non-allergenic native bee. However, a flowering garden is attractive to many different pollinators and we cannot control which ones come to visit our garden, so there will likely be European honeybees as well as other stinging bees. If you are or believe you might be allergic to honeybees, you are encouraged to learn about native bees by using the resources available online, rather than visiting the bee demonstration garden. Your safety is paramount. If you choose to visit the garden, you accept the risk to enter a place likely to be attractive to many types of insects including European bees, and we ask that you make known your allergy to staff immediately.

Do you supply hives stocked with native bees?

Yes, however demand is high and supplies are limited. There may be a waiting list. We sell both boxed hives and log hives. Please contact us for details.

I have a swarm of bees ... can you come get them?

Sorry, but we do not collect swarms of European honeybees. We are able to travel to collect an at-risk colony of native stingless bees (for example, if they have taken up residence in your water meter box or similarly inappropriate place). Please contact us if you have a colony that needs to be re-located.