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Kid's garden activity: spider plant

Give your little bear cubs an easy garden project that they can bring inside.

Spider plant makes for a great indoor plant, known for it's ability to cleanse the air, and its hardiness. It can also make a cute bedroom "pet" if you add legs and a cute spider face. This project was tested by real kids, and loved by the boys but less loved by the girls, so feel free to create whatever little critter you desire, whether it's a spider, a butterfly a bee or a unicorn.

Care for your bee hotel (Palen Creek Correctional Centre Sustainable Farms project)

Congratulations on buying a bee hotel designed, built and painted by the inmates at Palen Creek Correctional Centre, and thank you for your support. To ensure longevity of your bee hotel, please download this free how-to guide. 

Autumn and winter flowers for SEQ

What plants will flower in autumn and winter in South East Queensland? This free download will give you some suggestions of plants you can add to your garden so that bees have year-round forage. Just click on the link, and happy planting! FREE download.

Bee-friendly plants

List of bee friendly plants, both native and exotic, that you might add to your garden to encourage native bees. FREE download. 

DIY Insect Hotel

Most Australian native bees are solitary and nest in the ground or in timber hollows. Make a special place in your garden for our little native bee friends. Download this free information sheet, which will give you tips on how to make a practical and useful insect hotel.  

Colouring page

Blue banded bee and flower colouring page. FREE download.

Colouring page

Abstract flower colouring page. FREE download. 

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