Little Bee & Me offers practical and hands-on education on Australian native bees, highlighting the urgency to be conscious of the environment, while promoting the value of our native bees.

  • Assist native bee populations to thrive

  • Enjoy learning about Australia's native bees

  • Improve pollination in your greenspace

  • Customisable to your space

Tread softly on the earth, like a bee to a flower. Doing good for our planet needn't be difficult. Little Bee & Me makes it easy beesy!

Little Bee's Secret Garden 


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Alex was wonderful, instructive yet so gentle and patient with the kids at the DIY Bee hotel. I even learnt stuff too! The secret garden is a relaxed nook & her knowledge of native bees demonstrates her passion. We took our Bee hotel home to paint & decorate with cute colourful lady beetles Alex gave my 6 year old son.

Sharlene Brokman

We love the passion and knowledge Alex has for the so many different types of native bees.

Her shop just screams it.

Bill and Carol O'Sullivan

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Thursday-Sunday 930-2pm

Canungra, Qld, 4275


0478 784 719





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