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Farmer Holding Fruit

Discover native bees over a summer fruits picnic

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Rose Flower

Sharlene Brokman

Alex was wonderful, instructive yet so gentle and patient with the kids at the DIY Bee hotel. [...] We took our Bee hotel home to paint & decorate with cute colourful lady beetles Alex gave my 6 year old son.

Organic Vegetables

Alex! I bought your native bee education activity book. Were you a teacher or curriculum writer in a previous job? It's so good [...]. You're a talented mama! Which I always knew, this just takes it to the next level. Wonderful work!

Wonderful hidden treasure. Lovely to visit with children as there are lots of exciting things to find like native bee hives and painted rocks. Great healthy seedlings as well as lots of things for bees like beautiful bee hotels. Always friendly service.

Little Bee's Secret Garden is closed, but we still offer all the same things online!


Native bees summer picnic


Learn about native bees in the garden

Honey jars in sunshine

Take home produce

and gifts

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